Thursday, April 17, 2008

Yeay for Bobmas!

So, how did everyone enjoy Bobmas Eve, and Bobmas day? Sara and I had grand plans of visiting a number of Yarn Stores on Thursday, but Chicago is large, the weather was bad, and traffic was worse. But, we did manage to attend two parties that night, and I was able to attend one Bobmas day party on Friday.

On Bobmas Eve we visited Knitting Workshop at its fabulous new location.

Welcome to Knitting Workshop!

We were welcomed to join the knitters at the table, once we had a chance to check out the new store, and grab some snacks.

Enjoying Bobmas Eve at the new Knitting Workshop

Jessica at Knitting Workshop

The other reason we could not visit more stores is that once you are surrounded by knitters, and have your own knitting out, the time flies, and you are in no hurry to leave. But, after Sara finished weaving the ends in to her lovely new scarf, we decided it was time to visit at least one more shop.

Sara models her freshly completed scarf

From Knitting Workshop, it was off to Loopy Yarns. The night was winding down at Loopy (they stayed open late for us, how cool is that?), but there was still much fun to be had, and cupcakes and Bobtinis to consume (I stuck to the yummy cupcakes), not to mention yarn to fondle.

Surrounding the Bobtinis

Kirstin, Megan and Zoe

On Friday I took a trip down to Beverly to check out the Bobmas fun at My Sister's Knits. Right away I was greeted with Grandma's super comfy love seat, cupcakes and tea. What I had planned as a short visit became a longer one, but not long enough in my opinion. I had a great time meeting Carol, and her lovely Golden Retrievers, Goldie and Cody, plus a great bunch of knitters. I can't wait to go back.

My Sister's Knits

Bobmas at My Sister's Knits


We obviously need more yarn holidays!

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