Tuesday, June 17, 2008


We had a fantastic turnout at WWKIP Day in Millennium Park on Saturday. At least 93 people were in attendance throughout the day! The weather was picture perfect, and security was baffled. We actually did overwhelm security a bit, but the end result is that we will work with the park to have an even better spot in Millennium Park next year, in the lawn, with actual shade! We want to thank Kate, Lis, Katie and Captain for helping us put this year's event together. They came to us with new ideas which really made this year better than ever, and were there to help throughout the day. Also, thanks to Kate's boyfriend for making the sign:

Photo taken by Sara.

And thanks to everyone who came out to knit, crochet and spin in public. We had a wonderful time, and we are already looking forward to next year.

It was a day of great successes, including the yarn swap run by Katie, and a collection of yarn, books and tools for Interim House run by Lis. So successful that we need your help to ship this generous donation over to them. If you could please give a few dollars to help us ship everything over, we would be eternally grateful. Any money collected that goes over the shipping total will be sent to Interim House as well.

You can contribute to shipping by clicking on the paypal donation button below:

Check out how much was collected over the course of the afternoon:

Donations collected for Interim House

And more was added after the picture was taken! As you can see, we really can use your help to pay for shipping, that is a whole lot of yarn! Thanks to everyone who contributed.

You can see the rest of the pictures at the Flickr WWKIP Day Chicago 2008 Pool.

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